Chicago Celebrates ‘Courage’ and ‘Anger’ for American Cancer Society

The campaign is centered around a pair of 30-second PSAs, shot by director and cancer-survivor Rodrigo Garcia Saiz entitled “Courage” and “Anger,” with two more (“Devotion” and “Stubborness” following shortly. In “Courage,” the voiceover discusses courage as a trait that humans can rely on when they really need it. We see a young man exit his car all dressed up for prom, walk up to his date’s house and knock, before she answers the door and it’s revealed she’s undergone chemotherapy.


“Anger” likewise delays its reveal until near its conclusion, with a similar voiceover about anger accompanying a woman chopping wood, visibly angry, before returning inside to her daughter, who is battling cancer.

The message behind the campaign is ultimately a hopeful one, as the voiceover points out that “more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it.”

The campaign’s print ads were shot by acclaimed photographer and cancer-survivor Sandro Miller and utilize images of real cancer patients.