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This is a list of 17 books that I came across on Huffington Post. It’s titled that these are books for the self-help skeptic! I must admit that some of them don’t look like self-help books at first, but all have an element of self-help – even if it is organizing your closet. Remove the clutter in your life and remove the clutter in your mind!

I’ve read several of these already, but I will add them all to my list for 2016!

A new year, a new you! Right? It’s tough to keep those New Year’s resolutions, though, and a little guidance or inspiration never hurts. The right book means you’re never going it alone with your plan to be more generous with your time, to commit to hitting the gym, to become your best self.

That book doesn’t need to be a self-help book, either. If you’ve never envisioned yourself accumulating a shelf full of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and He’s Just Not That Into You and The Four-Hour Body, you can still turn to your bookcases for motivation and instruction.

The Arts & Culture team put our heads together to compile some of our favorite inspirational reads — ones even self-help skeptics will love — to start your year off right.

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