Help someone else with surrogate tapping…



I think there are many situations where we want to help someone else, but either don’t know how to best help or, even more frustrating, the other person doesn’t want to listen. It’s very difficult to sit back and watch people struggle. This article, on The Tapping Solution, shows that it is possible to help someone else through tapping – but it’s important to work on yourself first, so that you are coming from a place of love and peace.

Oh… the many times, in my personal journey of growth and development that I thought,

“If (fill in name of your friend/family member/colleague) would just do (fill in name of the modality/supplement/seminar/book), then their life would be so much better!”

Have you had similar thoughts? Of course you have, because you care about those you love, because you are on the cutting edge of exploring information that changes lives, and you just want more people to know this life-changing information, to make better choices, to find more happiness, joy, health and abundance.

But I learned a lesson many years back that’s encapsulated in an old saying…

“You can lead a horse to water…but you can’t make it drink”

The article includes a short, introductory video (less than 3 minutes), with some good information – and the audio meditation.

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