Law of Attraction 101

I am a great believer in the Law of Attraction – one of those invisible laws that is as precise as any law of mathematics! It was only around a hundred years ago that the law of thermodynamics was invoked to fly an aeroplane, or the law of electricity was harnessed to light a bulb!

This is the transcript of an interview with Chrisy Whitman, where she provides “Law of Attraction 101.” [TRD is the interviewer; CW is Christy Whitman]

TRD: For those who aren’t aware of it, what is the short explanation of the Law of Attraction?

CW: Law of Attraction is a Universal Law that determines what we attract into our lives; the good, the bad and the ugly.

TRD:  Do we have to do anything to make it work for us as individuals, or is it something that always has our backs?

CW: Law of Attraction is always working all the time, no exceptions. It is a law that is always giving us more of what we are asking for. And we ask through the vibration that we give out from our energy.

TRD:  Is it applicable to tangible things (money, vacations, clients) as well as intangibles (confidence, security, likeability?

Read the full interview on The Rich Daily site.

Image from same site.