Lakers: Optimism, Hope Have Devolved Into Disappointment

The once hopeful 2015-16 season for the Lakers has turned into systematic and cyclical disappointment and frustration

Remember a time in July, fresh off the Los Angeles Lakers selecting point guard D’Angelo Russell with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, when there was legitimate optimism about the Lakers? Not in the sense that this team was going to be in contention for a title, but rather that this season could start to see progress as the core of the future took the floor and started to develop.

We’re now 50 games into the season and, after winning only nine games and fresh off of tying the franchise record for the longest losing streak in history, that optimism has been beaten into submission. Now, fans and players are left in a hopeless state of disappointment and frustration.

After the loss to a short-handed Charlotte Hornets team in STAPLES Center on Sunday night, Russell was quite candid when talking to reporters after the game. When asked about learning opportunities after games like the one against Charlotte, the rookie responded by saying that there is a chance to learn, but that there have been the same opportunities numerous times throughout the season and nothing has changed.

And therein lies the root of the problem with the Lakers right now. There is obvious room to grow, an apparent need to shake up the status quo. But because of a stubborn head coach in Byron Scott, a front office seemingly misguided in terms of what they need to do to remedy the issues in Los Angeles, and even the team being held hostage by the Kobe Bryant farewell tour, nothing’s changing.

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