Energy In Your Life…

  Do you believe that everything is energy? That we are just a mass of vibrating energy that is perceived by the way our senses translate that energy? That we really can [Read more...]

How to Meditate

  Do you meditate? Do you know how to meditate? or do you get bored and your mind wanders after a few minutes? I found this article on Gaiam Life that is Meditation 101 [Read more...]

Do you like to read?

  This is a list of 17 books that I came across on Huffington Post. It’s titled that these are books for the self-help skeptic! I must admit that some of them [Read more...]

Programming Your DNA

  This is an interesting article. It’s a few years old, and there’s a lot of content in here (some of it a bit technical), but the key message is that DNA [Read more...]

Quantum experiments

  This is an article on Collective Evolution that give food for thought. I have come across them in various forms before, but this is a good summary of three quantum [Read more...]
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