These 20 Images Of Child Labor Will Make You Speechless


Over a decade ago,the International Labor Organization (ILO) named June 12World Day Against Child Labor. Over 150 million children throughout the world are employed illegally, causing them to miss out on education and the joy that should make up a happy childhood. Child labor is mentally, physically and emotionally draining, and in extreme cases can be classed as enslavement.

World Day Against Child Labor aims to promote awareness of child labour, so spread the world and please visit the ILO’s website for more information.

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Shaheen, 10, works at an aluminium factory. Taken inDhaka, Bangladesh, on November 16, 2009.

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Masud, 6, collects spare vehicle parts inDholaikhal, Dhaka, Bangladesh, on February 29, 2012.

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Naginah Sadiq, 5, works in a brick factory collecting clay inIslamabad, Pakistan, on June 12, 2012.

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Taken inLad Rymbai, in the district of Jaintia Hills, India onApril 16, 2011. Many local parents refuse to let their children go to school despite the fact they provide free tuition.

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Takenin Chheuteal village, Kandal province, Cambodia, on May 2, 2011. This girl dries bricks for a brick factory.

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Takenin Khartoum, Sudan, on September 17, 2011. Like many people in the Darfur region, this boy makes money by forming mud blocks.

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Taken in New Delhi, India, on June 12, 2012. This young boy is cleaning bike parts, possibly to sell.

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Taken inDhaka, on April 19, 2012. Another young boy works in an aluminium factory. It’s thought that over 6 million children under the age of 14 in Bangladesh work.

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Jacques Monkotan, 4, works in an excavation site inDassa-Zoume, Benin, on February 25, 2007.

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Takenin NayPyiTaw, Burma onDecember 6, 2011. This young girl carries cement needed for a new hotel.

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Czoton, 7, is employe at a balloon factory inDhaka, Bangladesh, on November 23, 2009.


Hazrat, 7, works at a brick factory inJalalabad, Afghanistan.


Rustam, 10, works in an aluminium factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 25 other children work with him for 12 hours a day.


This child is an illegal immigrant who collects plastic at a rubbish dump in Mae Sot, Thailand.


This child arranges bricks on the outskirts of Herat, Afghanistan.


Another young child works in a rubbish dump in Islamabad, Pakistan.


Issa, 10, works in a weapons factory for the Free Syrian Army in Aleppo.


Numerous children refill cigarettes with locally grown tobacco in the Haragach in Rangpur district, Bangladesh.


This child is looking for recyclable plastic in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Paulo Henrique Felix da Silveira, 9, scavenged in theSaramandaia slum in Recife, Brazil. A 2010 study found that 3.6% of the 20,166 people who collect rubbish are aged 10 – 17.

Featured photo credit: Photo Pin via flickr.com

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