10 Moments People Who Really Get Along with Few People Would Understand

If there are miles between how people around you and you see life, and how you can’t really click with many of them, we welcome you to our club.

1. Even though you’ve met hundreds of people, you actually have very few people you really get along.

2. You know it doesn’t mean you don’t get along with people just because you don’t get along REALLY well.

You can still be friends with many people because you don’t need to have everything in common, that’s absurd!

3. You don’t expect to align with others 100% either, you are ok with 70% but even that is uncommon.

4. Even though you try really hard to overlook some bad qualities of others, you just can’t.

We know she’s a good person at heart but some things just drive YOU crazy.

5. You find yourself sitting and wondering if someone you really feel comfortable with would ever show up.

Somewhere out there…Someone is for you but maybe you two will never meet. : (

6. You really wonder if you are the problem because you are so different than all the other around you.

Everyone is different but you? You are WAY MORE different.

7. If you move in with someone else, it’s really hard to get adjusted to them.

It becomes a torture if you are not getting along.

8. You learned to live with the fact that you can’t do everything with one person but you can do certain things you like with only certain people.

“If I see a movie with him well he falls asleep. I like her less but she’s much more fun to see a movie with. Hmm…”

9. Just when you think you found someone perfect, you realize they’re not really perfect for you. : /

10. You realize how you usually want and need to be alone because others can’t really get you on many subjects.

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