14 Facts About Life to Keep in Mind When Feeling Hopeless

14 Facts To Keep In Mind When You're Feeling Hopeless

Life can get rough every now and then, and it’s no wonder that we lose hope, get discouraged and can’t figure out why we do what we do. In moments like these, we need to remind ourselves of the great stuff around us. Because it’s there, all the time. And if we focus on it, the rest doesn’t really matter, and we can move on with our life, stronger and more positive than ever. Here are some things to keep in mind that can always lift you up:

  1. Time heals everything.

Whatever it is that you’ve been through, no matter how bad you think your situation is, it will go away. You’ll learn to live with it, and eventually you’ll forget it. You’ll get used to living without a certain person, or to a change in your lifestyle.

  1. Opportunities are everywhere.

With each new day the world offers you countless opportunities. Your job is to notice, be open to and make the best of them.

  1. There are people out there who can support you and motivate you.

Maybe you’re surrounded by toxic people, who only think about themselves, are negative, complain about life, never listen to you, don’t respect your goals and constantly make you feel down. You don’t need them. In fact, if you keep being around them, you won’t reach your goals or feel any happier. But don’t forget that there are others out there with the same interests, communities you can join, friends you can make. So get up and find them.

  1. If you don’t like something about yourself, you can always change it.

Don’t feel hopeless if you hate your body, aren’t productive, don’t have a skill, don’t like your style, aren’t confident or are too shy to talk to new people. All that can be changed quite easily. Just know why you’re doing it and be consistent. If you have a definite desire, if you really want to improve your life and become a better version of yourself, take a small step each day towards that.

  1. Nothing is as bad as it looks.

We tend to overdramatize situations and often they appear worse in our minds, when actually everything is temporary, and can be changed. Keep that in mind.

  1. Life is simple.

So stop complicating it. Ditch your great expectations, stop trying to guess what people mean and ask directly. Throw away all the belongings you haven’t used lately and make some space in your apartment. Let go of past and future and focus on the now. Eliminate the tasks from your to-do list that someone else can finish, or that aren’t urgent, or have nothing to do with your goals and the things you want in life.

  1. You don’t need to do or have anything in particular to be happy.

So many people seek happiness in outer sources – they feel a void inside them and try to fill it by loving someone and spending all their time with him, by shopping, partying, moving to another place, changing their appearance, etc. And they feel even worse after that. That’s because happiness can be found only on the inside. And that void is a sign that you haven’t fixed your relationship with yourself – you don’t love, appreciate, accept and listen to yourself. Start doing that, together with appreciating what you already have, being present and enjoying the little things, and you’ll see the world from a different point of view – you’ll fill your days with gratitude and contentment, and happiness will come.

  1. Failures and mistakes are blessings.

Failing is the biggest proof of trying, it means you’re doing something with your life and that puts you ahead of the average person, who just sits at home, trying to figure out what he wants and how he can get it. Trying something and not succeeding, makes you more experienced, stronger, and lets you know what you shouldn’t do next time. And if you learn how to find the lesson in it and not give up, you’ll eventually reach success.

  1. Better things are coming.

That’s a fact. You just need to be open for these things, to look forward to them, to believe you deserve that.

  1. If it’s important, you’ll make time.

Most of the time life is all about prioritizing. If you say you don’t have time for something, then it’s just not that important to you. Because if it was, you’d figure out a way to make time. So never say that you’re too busy to spend time with your family, do what you love or else.

  1. If you learn how to let go, you’ll be free and peaceful.

Letting go is a beautiful process. It helps you free your mind of the burden of the past and stop worrying about what might happen tomorrow, and then lets you be right here, right now – completely present and mindful of what you’re doing.

  1. The universe if working in your favor, not against you.

Life may seem unfair sometimes, but it’s because you take things too personally, expect too much or aren’t doing what you’re supposed to. The universe gives you signs all the time, you just need to listen to them, notice and choose what is right.

  1. Every next day is a chance to start over.

That’s a great fact and I love reminding myself of it whenever I feel bad. It’s true. No matter how many times you failed, how bad you felt yesterday and what hardships you’ve been through, tomorrow is another day, and you decide how to start it and how to spend it.

  1. At any moment you can meet that one person that will make you realize why it never worked out with others.

Never think that you’ll be alone for the rest of your life, or that there’s just no one for you out there. It may not have worked out with a bunch of people, but that’s just because you made wrong choices. Maybe they had nothing to do with you, were completely different. But they have their own paths to walk, so just follow yours. And never stop believing that your soul mate is waiting for you somewhere. Just do what you need to do, work on your goals, your body, mind and soul. Improve yourself and your lifestyle, and that person will come. With all that in mind, how can you ever be desperate about life again? It’s a beautiful adventure, and surprises and opportunities are everywhere.  

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