5 Tested and Proven Ways To Stop Your Anxiety

These are just a few examples of what used to give me severe anxiety. The list could go on and on, but I am not going to write a novel about my experience with anxiety – it would be extremely long, as even my own shadow used to get my heart racing.

Can you relate? Do you experience anxiety in your life?

According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety affects 40 million adults in the US.

Anxiety disorders can develop for various reasons, including genetic brain chemistry, personality traits and life events. But there is no question that living with an anxiety disorder negatively impacts your life and well-being.

Even if you do not have a serious anxiety disorder though, if you frequently experience anxiety in your life at all, your health will still suffer.

But what can you do?

The good news is that there are natural ways to recover from an anxiety disorder and reduce the anxiety in your life.

Using natural and proven techniques against anxiety, I healed my mind and learned to live without anxiety ruining my life. The phone doesn’t scare me anymore, neither does asking for my green juice out loud or giving a speech at a conference. I travel the world alone facing new, unknown situations constantly without crazy anxiety looming over me.

Here are 5 proven techniques that may help you in your fight against anxiety.


1. Change Of Diet

You are what you eat. This is true for your mind and emotions, too. If you are living on processed foods, your brain will have no chance to function properly.

Make sure to eat a whole foods diet with plenty of fresh, organic vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. It may take a while to get over your food addictions, but it is definitely worth it in the long run.

2. Exercise

Exercise is an excellent tool for stress relief and therefore, great to reduce your anxiety as well. Exercise pumps up your endorphins, your brain’s feel good neurotransmitters. Exercise can be an active form of meditation. Exercise can improve your mood and increase your confidence.

3. Meditation

Meditation can help you to calm your mind, focus on the present, reduce negative emotions, increase self-awareness and reduce stress. You may think about meditation as sitting in Lotus pose for hours and it may even sound boring to you. But meditation is much more than that.

4. Breathing

You may not realize that you are not breathing correctly or even forgetting to breathe at times. Taking breaths into the center of your chest can actually create more anxiety in your life and even trigger panic attacks, depending on the severity of the anxiety.

5. Water

Dehydration can cause various problems in your body, especially when you’re in a constant state of dehydration.

When you are dehydrated, your hormones are unable to reach their destinations because of poor blood flow. Your muscles will tense up, too. Due to the water loss, your brain will also experience weakness. It is not surprising, as your brain is 85% water.

Moving Over Your Fears

erase-fear-business-resized-600.jpgDo what scares you the most. Do what causes you anxiety. I know this sounds scary and perhaps even crazy. But if slowly, step-by-step you are facing your fears and anxiety-triggers, you can build up a tolerance and mental muscles. You will start seeing that you can actually survive these situations. It will become easier with time. You may even start loving what caused you anxiety before.

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