6 Tips To Help You Can Overcome Anxiety & Depression Without Using Drugs

You’re here because you or someone you know is feeling pain in an area of their life and you want to help. Depression and anxiety can be debilitating. I remember feeling them so strongly that I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t work, I couldn’t be social, I couldn’t even be alone without feeling hopelessly anxious. The feelings can be so intense that you can’t even understand what it’s like to live with anxiety or depression until you have experienced it firsthand.

Appreciate The Ebbs & Flows

Life was never meant to be pure bliss 100% of the time. Life has its ups and its downs. Its ebbs and flows. This is the natural order of things.

We create suffering when we fight this natural order by trying to feel bliss constantly. When we do this, we get disappointed, anxious, or depressed because life doesn’t always meet these unrealistic expectations.

Pain Brought You Here. Be Grateful.

If you weren’t so uncomfortable with your current circumstances, you’d just continue living an unfulfilling life. Who knows how much longer you would have continued had you not been in pain or discomfort? Maybe another year. Maybe the rest of your life.

But thankfully, your body, mind, and emotions are saving the day by showing you something that needs to change. Your pain is giving you the opportunity to make change now.

You’re Not Alone

EVERYONE feels pain. EVERYONE feels uncomfortable at times. You’re not unique. You’re human. Even though you may think other people wouldn’t understand how you’re feeling, someone out there does and that’s a comforting thought.

Find Clarity

Tools like meditation or journal writing can help you find the root cause of your unhappiness, depression, anxiety, etc. I find that meditation especially helps clear my mind enough to see past the current issue and tap into my inner peace and understanding. I’ve included a mood boosting guided mediation below which is intended to help with mental clarity and to uplift your emotional state.