6 Tips to Overcome the Winter Blues

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6 Tips To Overcome The Winter Blues

how to beat depressions Winter is upon us, and for many people who live in a place where the weather is cold and the days are short it can certainly affect our mood. For those who are not a fan of winter, I hear you.  When winters hits, my preference is to hibernate and wish for old man winter to go away and for spring to arrive. Unfortunately, this means I may be waiting for a long time before spring arrives. So instead of wallowing and letting the weather and season affect you, here are some tips to dance with old man winter. Take control of improving your mood and life rather than let the weather or season control it. 1. Your Favorite Things.   Like Fraulein Maria in the Sound of Music who taught the von Trapp children to list some of their favorite things when they are feeling blue to lift their spirits.  Think of some of your favorite things to brighten your winter.  For me, I love when fresh snow hits and everything outside is white and glistening.  I love having a hearty meal and the feeling that I can hide behind my external wear and bulky clothes. 2. Continue exercising.  Often times, the weather and the lack of sunlight makes us feel lethargic, however, we all know exercise is good for us.  It stimulates the production of endorphins and makes us feel happy.   If you enjoy exercising outdoors but despise the cold, consider finding an indoor activity that satisfies your exercise kick.  By continuing to move and shake will help improve your mood and minimize stress. 3. Decorate your house to make it cozy and light.  Create an environment in your home where it feels inviting and bright.  This could be painting a wall with lighter color, or decorating your home with fresh flowers or even silk flowers.  Decorate your walls with warm colors. Buy a new light to replace on old dreary lamp.  Get a rug that is colorful.  It not only can helps keep your feet warm, it can also be an anchor and zest to your place. 4. Schedule a holiday.  There tends to be a lot more vacation packages and travel deals during the winter. Keep an eye out for it, and take advantage of it.  Soon you’ll find yourself somewhere warm, soaking in the sun. 5. Make time to soak in sunshine.   Whenever I get a chance in the dead of winter to catch a glimpse of sun, it always lifts my mood.  This is especially true when I used to work in an office with no windows.   So bundle up and go outside for a walk, or sit near a window with a hot cocoa and enjoy the warm sunrays that come through. Depending on how much time you’ve got to enjoy the sun, it is always wise to slap on some sunscreen. 6. Get Creative and embrace the season.  Seasons come and go.  And even though spring cannot come soon enough, you might as well embrace winter and take advantage of the list you made in point one.   Keep a playful attitude.  Find ways to stay warm and have fun that suits you.  If you have a partner, this could be staying in and engage in some one on one play time, or maybe organizing a snowman building contest, making snow angels with your kids or going on a dog sled tour. Try something you haven’t tried, or do something you haven’t done in awhile and you may be delightfully surprised that this winter will pass by in a blink of an eye because you are having so much fun. Theresa Ho is a life coach, a blogger and the founder of Rejuvenate Your Essence. She believes life is too short to live your life based on others’ expectations and is dedicated in helping people find their essence so that they can live their best lives.  If you like this article check out Abracadabra – 5 Wisdom Tips to Generate Wealth.  Get her free 5 Part Guide to Live Your Best Life Now.

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