7 Tips For Introverts to Lead a Balanced Life

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7 Trips For Introverts To Live A Balanced Life

introverts Introverts seem to be on the hot seat nowadays. People are acknowledging that certain people in the world prefer to be alone. They prefer to stay in on weekends, not make conversations, decline invitations to party and even, when they do indeed go to the party, be alone and leave early. That’s your introvert in a nutshell. I am one myself and I love it. But how does one really lead a introvert’s life? Do all of the above characteristics equate to happiness? I don’t think so. There must be a balance. Too much of something or focusing on either extreme end of the spectrum is never good. Here’s 7 tips for introverts to lead a balanced life 1) Go out once in a while So maybe you love staying home on weekends, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it every weekend. I don’t believe that anybody enjoys being alone all the time. We’re human and we need each other. It just depends on how much. Don’t adhere strictly to the idea that since you’re introverted you should stay home all the time. If you want to head out, then just get out. That’s healthy for you. 2) Indulge in a variety of lonesome activities I personally go from reading novels, watching TV series, watching movies, watching anime, reading comics to playing video games. It doesn’t work in the way where you can do one thing only over and over. You have to mix it up otherwise you’re going to get bored and tired. 3) Remember that you’ve to respect others’ opinions Because they’re doing the best they can to try to understand. It’s easy to get annoyed and think, “These guys don’t understand introverts! They’re so stupid! I’m better than them!” Nah. That’s just going to make you more annoyed. You’ve to understand that it’s all about perspective. Respect others, and they will respect you. Get irritated all the time and they’ll think you’re unfriendly and bitchy. 4) Remember that they’re probably just joking So introverts are weird, different or crazy to people who don’t get it right? Relax. If they’re your friends, they’re probably just joking. Let them. Chill out. It’s no big deal. There’s no reason to get upset just because your friends don’t understand you. 5) Being an introvert doesn’t mean you have to be unfriendly, or shy Because you’re bound to interact with other people. Now, why don’t you just make the best of it and be a friend? If you do feel shy indeed, learn how to socialize. Learn body language. Learn how to talk to the opposite sex. Start with what resonates with you most, like perhaps reading a book. If you don’t ever mean to come across unfriendly, and feel misunderstood for that, I strongly suggest doing the above. You don’t need unnecessary stress and garbage from others. 6)  Set extremely strict boundaries with your partner An introvert doesn’t mean you’ve to be alone! So in order to be in a happy relationship, you’ve to let your partner know what your lifestyle is like by setting clear boundaries. Tell him or her that you prefer not to reply a text when you’re reading, so they shouldn’t have to worry at all if you happen to be silent on the radar. This will save a lot of trouble! 7) You ultimately need your core set of friends Because no one ever wants to be alone forever. An introvert doesn’t mean a life without friends. So this is how it works in a couple of ways: First, remember that you don’t have to make a ton of friends. You don’t need to please everybody in life. You’re not aiming to be prom queen. Secondly, stick to your close few friends. And know that that’s enough. That’s it. Special bonus for Pick The Brain Readers! I hope you enjoyed the article! Wanna start asking the right questions in life? Then you’re going to want my book. It’s free! Here it is: 12 Things Happy People Don’t Give a F**K About! Time to shed the crap in life and start being happy! This free book is only available through this link to Alden Tan. Alden Tan keeps it real at his blog and writes about motivation in unconventional ways. His two main passions are Bboying and writing. Check out his free report12 Things Happy People Don’t Give a F**k About!

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