8 Productive Things To Do When You Feel Lost And Don’t Know What’s Next

1. Walk out your front door. Whenever I’m feeling like I’m claustrophobic in my own skin, or in my own life, it’s usually because I haven’t left the house yet that day. Go outside. I don’t care if it’s freezing, just leave your apartment for a few minutes and walk around.

2. Write down a list of ten things you’re worried about. Sometimes when your fears are bottling up inside you, it’s easiest to let them out so you don’t feel like you need to keep them right in the forefront of your mind.

3. Buy yourself a fresh flower, go home, and put it in some water. Enjoy something new that livens the place up.

4. Go to the park and pet a stranger’s dog (with their permission, obviously).

5. Ask your friends what they see as your best qualities — as a person, as an employee, as a friend, and as a significant other. Then stop for a second and actually fucking give yourself from credit for those qualities.

6. Use the reminders your friends gave you to think of a few things you want to focus on in the coming month. Focusing on the big picture too much or planning the Year of You/Year of Yes/Year of Your Career might be a bit much right now. Instead, make goals in the short term. What are you going to make happen this month? Do you want to focus on meeting people and scheduling more social engagements? Do you want to talk to your supervisor about taking on new projects at work?

7. Cook yourself a really nice meal. Actually take the time to look up recipes online, and sort through to find one you like. Go to the store, pick out all the ingredients you need to make a feast. When the food’s cooked, even if it doesn’t look exactly like it did in the picture, reward yourself by eating it in front of a movie.

8. Figure out what your favorite kind of eggs are. No, seriously. Scramble eggs, make them into an omelet, soft boil them, make them over easy, etc. Try them and find out what your favorite is. This does not all have to be done in one night.

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