Artist Builds Tank to Distribute Free Books in the Coolest Way Possible


What does one do with a 1979 Ford Falcon and 900 books? While we’re not sure what the average person would do, eccentric Argentinian artist Raul Lemesoff builds free book tanks. He refers to his makeshift tanks as “weapons of mass instruction,” meant to combat ignorance and encourage literacy. Lemesoff lives in Buenos Aires, a city that has experienced tension in educational reform in recent years.

In honor of World Book Day on March 5, 2015, 7UP commissioned Lemesoff to build one of his renowned tanks. According to, his latest tank features a “swiveling turret and a non-functioning gun,” showing off the artist’s builder skills as well as his humorous imagination.

Those who know Lemesoff couldn’t quite tell what he was up to at first, but they knew that whatever it was, it would be quirky and innovative. They described him as a poet, as well as “crazy and great.” After extensive labor and concentration in his mad-scientist-esque workshop, Lemesoff emerged with a revolutionary creation – a functioning vehicle that could hold up to 900 books. He then cruised through the streets of Argentina, passing books along to anyone who would accept them.

Lemesoff engages with passersby, encouraging them to take a book and joking with them. He targets kids specifically, and regularly tosses out science books, poetry, and novels to young people on the streets. His only condition? That they promise to read them.

So why is Lemesoff inspiring so many people? It’s not just his innovative idea, or his heartwarming efforts to battle ignorance and illiteracy. More than anything else, the endearing artist’s project proves that if we have a willingness to work hard and an idea that truly serves humanity, the world will support it. Hopefully, Lemesoff’s success will serve as a reminder to us all, that following through on your passions is crucial – no matter how crazy you might seem in the process.

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