Create Your Own Self-Protective Armor Against Negativity

Do you ever feel like in the picture?


I did, at one time in my life. There was a metal armor growing on me. Click by click, it was closing, hiding me inside of it. I understood that it was because I had started to protect myself, my vulnerability and emotions against negativity and cynicism that was around me.

We cannot allow things like that to happen because it will change the whole person. Joy, enthusiasm, excitement, creativity and love, all will be locked inside. Negativity will not hurt you but you loose the other feelings too.

The answer is to get strong. Getting to know our boundaries, values and joys. Creating a safe space around us where we can be vulnerable and where we choose what we let in. Most of all, avoid cynicism to the very end and not being afraid of life and the messiness of emotions — it is a ride worth feeling.

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