Here are 3 ways for you to defeat negativity

Negativity is a natural human response. Especially nowadays when we’re surrounded by viral outbreaks, wars, and if you live in New England, a Farmer’s Almanac prediction that this winter will be the worst since the fifties (#justshootme). But keeping a God-centered perspective is the best and proven way to combat negative thoughts, and it works.

3Make Every Thought Captive or at Least the Nasty Ones

Negativity is just a result of thoughts existing out of God’s will. 2 Cor. 10:5 says to take  every thought captive to Christ. That means literally transferring every thought that whispers ‘you can’t do that,’ or ‘ I wish I was her,’ or ‘ I’ll never get this right,’ and handing it over to the Lord. Plagued by thoughts you’ll never make it through your daughters’ rebellious teenage years? “All yours Lord!” Doubting you can make it another day with a boss that drives you nuts? “Another one for you, God!”  It’s tough resisting negativity when your boss hijacks your intellectual property and stamps his name your reports, but positivity is mental exercise that trains your heart, and your brain to see things through God’s eyes. Vengeance is his.

2Focus on the Positive, Even When You Need a Microscope

When we’re feeling negative about a certain circumstance, others or about ourselves, it does wonders by letting God change our perspective. If we focus on him, his goodness, his love and faithfulness, we can see past our negative thoughts. If you’re feeling negative about If you’re on hour No. 2 of sword fighting with your kids and you think your brain might de-combust at any moment, focus on the good-their cute voices, and the fact that soon they’ll be too cool to play Star Wars with mom-I mean, Obi Wan. If you feel like you have greater chances of discovering life on Mars than losing that last ten pounds, focus on the fact that you’re healthy, and have the ability to exercise and move, when so many don’t. Rinse, repeat, and avoid complex carbs…they can’t be trusted.

1Worship – Even Through Gritted Teeth

The enemy uses negativity to rob us of our strength, joy and peace. If he can control our thoughts and keep us thinking the worst, he’s won. Worshiping God is the single most effective tool to blasting negativity. I’ve been in the depths of despair-that nasty post-break up kind of sorrow-and after army-crawling over to the Bethel Music playlist, I’ve gone from weeping to smiling within minutes. Worship changes the atmosphere, and attacking/negative thought can’t remain in a room with Jesus. Sing it, Jenn Johnson.


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