Molly, the three-legged pony: A story of courage and hope!

New Delhi: There are inspirational speakers, who have the ability to inspire through their words of wisdom and pep talks.

There are those people whose stories of struggle speak volumes and inspire people across the globe.

Then, there is Molly. A Pony, whose mere presence is enough inspiration. Why? Because she doesn’t have a leg.

You may wonder why a disability makes a pony inspirational. Well, as the story goes, Molly had a rough start. She lost her home in Hurricane Katrina and was taken to a farm for abandoned animals.

While at her new home, an attack by a dog left her horribly wounded. Her injuries soon healed with proper medication and treatment, but her right front leg was in a terrible condition.

The farm authorities considered putting her down, but thanks to her new adoptive owners, Kaye and Glenn Harris, this plan was instantly quashed.

Watch her courageous journey below: