Swedesboro woman wons $63,600 on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’

Fran Samper hadn’t ever envisioned that her talent for trivia would ever really amount to anything other than a conversation

Now, she and her family are looking off at paying students loans, family debt and going on vacation. All because she knew what the mathematical term “googol” meant, along with a couple of other questions that

On an episode of “Who Want to be a Millionaire” that aired Friday, Oct. 5, Fran Samper, of Swedesboro, won more than $63,000.

After her stint on “Who Wants to be a Milliionaire?” on Friday, the Swedesboro resident now has $63,600 to do whatever she wants with.

However, the modest mother with two children in college said she’s not going to out and buy any expensive jewelry or expensive cars with her winnings. Instead, she plans on first paying off as much of the students loans her two sons have at Notre Dame and Duquesne University and making sure any debt she has is paid off before she starts planning any vacations.

“I’ve got to be happy with what I got. People go to work all day, every day to make that, in some cases, and I’m sensitive to that,” said Samper. “I would’ve been happy with $100 because that’s $100 more than what I walked in with.”

Samper managed to answer ten questions, accruing $63,600 in earnings before walking away from a question she just didn’t want to guess at; what state had a town named “toad suck” located in it.

And while she was happy to walk away with tens of thousands of dollars in her pocket, she said she had actually guessed the right answer in her head, Arkansas, but couldn’t go through with it.

When asked if there were any nerves about being on stage in front of thousands of people, she said that while the experience of being a contestant was different that she wasn’t really nervous.

“It’s really different when you’re standing at that podium than when you’re watching it on TV. I just really wanted to stay focused on the questions,” said Samper. “I didn’t feel nervous exactly because I wasn’t gambling my own money, so I had nothing to lose.”

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