That Next Step again…

Take a look at this article by Dr. Joe Vitale, where he talks about getting from point A to point B.

I put a dot on the whiteboard on the wall and circled it.

“You are here,” I said.

I told them the whiteboard is like the map at the mall where all the stores are listed and a little box says “You are here” to give you your bearings.

“Where do you want to go from here?” I asked.

I then put another dot on the board, way up at the top of it, and circled it.

“That represents where you want to go,” I said.

I pointed at the little “You are here” dot and said, “The secret to getting what you want is to totally appreciate this moment. When you are grateful for this moment, then whatever is next for you will bubble up out of this moment. You’ll be inspired to take action of some sort. That will lead you up. But the only way to get to the upper dot is to live in this dot with gratitude.”

I think these quotes from the article cover the gist of it, but read the full article on Dr. Joe Vitale‘s site.

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