This 5-Minute Morning Routine Will Change Your (Work) Life

It only takes five minutes to change how you approach your day. Using the routine described below when you get to work will make a world of difference in yourproductivity, your attitude, your success, and your health. It’s like the approach you make to the tee on a golf course. You plan out how you will hit the shot, which is more important than the actual swing. Before you start your day, this routine will provide the right mindset. Will you follow it?

(I’ve applied the seven-minute rule to business presentations.) Feel free to borrow that term or send me ideas on a better name.

1. Before you start: Prepare

First, you need to find a quiet place. Hint for those who work in a cubicle farm: This is not at your desk. And it’s not in the car, because there are too many distractions. At a busy startup, it might be a foyer or a balcony. You might have to arrive earlier in the morning to make this work.

2. Minute one: Clear your head

I won’t get into any religious issues or get preachy here, and I’m not even encouraging meditation, but every person on the planet who has to work for a living needs to follow this basic routine.

3. Minute two: Breathe a little

Again, you may have a different way of dealing with the stress you feel in life. However, breathing deeply creates a calming effect in your brain and helps you focus.

4. Minutes three through six: Write notes and draw

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