This Is How You Make Your Life Your Own

Understand that there will never be a perfect time, a perfect way, to fall in love or out of love, but you must do it. You must. Tell the people who mean something to you that you care, hold them closely at night, and let them go if you cannot hold them any longer. Let those who walk away, walk away. Do not use them as emotional crutches, do not lure them back with memory and experience. Let them go if you do not love them the way you know you are capable of loving.

Do not wear your body like an apology. Wear it proudly. Be in awe of your form for what it is, for where it gets you, for what it allows you to feel and do. Love your legs not for their size, but for the mountains they have scaled, for the miles they have walked. Love your eager eyes not for their colour, or their shape, but for what they have allowed you to see, what they have turned into poetry for you.

You should make love as loudly as you want, as often as you want. You should sit in your favourite park for hours on end; you should buy yourself flowers just because it is Tuesday.


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